Breffni O’Connor Hello, I’m Breffni O’Connor, current SRC Vice-President (Student Activities). I’m a passionate, hardworking member of the current executive, and want to continue representing students as SRC President. The skills and knowledge I’ve gained, together with my enthusiasm and commitment to improving student experience, make me the strongest candidate to ensure University Management are […]

Breffni O’Connor

Breffni O'ConnorHello, I’m Breffni O’Connor, current SRC Vice-President (Student Activities). I’m a passionate, hardworking member of the current executive, and want to continue representing students as SRC President.

The skills and knowledge I’ve gained, together with my enthusiasm and commitment to improving student experience, make me the strongest candidate to ensure University Management are always held accountable and that student concerns are put first.

October sees Estates Plans for the Western Infirmary site going to University Court. We’ve made progress here, but we need more student consultation on how the Site will develop. This isn’t good enough: I want to make sure there’s proper consultation across the student body. Millions of pounds will be spent on the site – it’s a huge opportunity to improve student experience – so it’s crucial we get this right and that accessibility and requirements for clubs/societies (e.g. MSA) are given proper consideration.


2015 sees the development of the new SRC Strategic Plan. The annual turnover of elected officers and the changing needs of students mean the President requires knowledge of previous work to plan effectively for the future. I have a strong track record of ideas and judgement.
My main priority will be to stand up to the University and challenge decisions wherever students are unhappy.

More specifically I will:

  • Continue to address over-crowding and funding issues affecting Counselling and Psychological Services.
  • Challenge University policy which prevents students graduating or progressing due to non-academic debt.
  • Fight to ensure gender equality remains a priority on campus.
  • Effectively implement the recently adopted University Mental Health Policy.
  • Finalise the establishment of a policy permitting students to record lectures and a policy which establishes Exam Feedback.
  • Assist VPSA to organise Freshers’ Week. Introduce more events for Refreshers’ Week.
  • Campaign to reverse recent restrictions the University have applied to clubs/societies which prevent them from hiring rooms before 5pm.
  • Raise awareness amongst Postgraduate Students on implications of University proposals regarding Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Encourage student engagement through our website/social media; helping raise the SRC’s profile.
  • Be a lead institution in the U21 Student Leaders Network.
  • Endorse the Fossil Free campaign. Work with groups like GUEST on their priorities of biodiversity and sustainable food.
  • Campaign for a transparent review of zero-hour and atypical contracts by the University.
  • Represent students at Glasgow Student Forum. Priorities include; Travel and ethical behaviour of nightclubs.
  • Ensure SRC is providing adequate representation to postgraduates.

Achievements to date:

  • Running a successful Freshers’ Week.
  • Ran welfare events targeted at home students and international students.
  • Establishing Refreshers’ Week.
  • Allocating over £6,000 to clubs/societies.
  • Co-ordinating Glasgow Student Forum.
  • Raising over £1,500 for Charities.
  • Securing a new volunteering programme.
  • Co-ordinating Media Week.
  • Assisting organisation of International Women’s Week.

I’m the only candidate with executive experience, a critical quality for SRC President now that we have lost a working Rector. I care about the direction SRC will take and I want to create an organisation we’re proud of.


Donald Mackay

Donald MackayHi, I’m Donald Mackay, I’m a fourth year Law Student, and I’m running for SRC President.

In my last three years as an SRC Council Member, I’ve built up extensive experience of representing students at all levels of the University including as a member of the University Court. In addition, I’ve contributed to successful national campaigns. I know the way the University is run inside out, and as your elected President, I will have no trouble hitting the ground running and taking your issues to the right people in Management immediately.

I firmly believe that the SRC must be about more than responding to the University and challenging them when they fail to deliver. It is imperative that the SRC is raising fresh ideas and fighting for their implementation, both within the University and in lobbying efforts to local and national government. I believe I have those fresh ideas.

If elected, I will:

  • Re-establish Halls Committees based on the SRC Class Rep system – to make Wardens more responsive to the problems students living in Halls face that time and again are dealt with too slowly if at all. In the area of private accommodation, I will tackle landlords who fail to adequately maintain the state and security of their properties – and lobby the City Council to take action to keep rents down and sanction landlords acting illegally.
  • Review the current Welfare Officer positions and bring proposals to introduce new roles – focusing on better representation for students facing financial hardship, mental health issues, the challenges of being a home student, or returning to education through the Access program.
  • Push for assignment hand-in times to be harmonised across the university to ease confusion at times of high stress, as part of a package to reduce student exposure to course bureaucracy.
  • Dramatically improve placement capacity in the Student Volunteering Support Service, particularly in programs such as Classroom Support where demand will continue to rise and outstrip supply – building support for students looking for opportunities to improve their employability.
  • Improve course selection support for pre-Honours students, mandating Schools to run networking events with senior students before course applications. More students will ultimately end up studying courses that are right for them and it will put pressure on Schools to maintain and enhance the quality of learning.
  • Lead the development of the SRC Strategic Plan 2015-2019, committing to giving all students the opportunity to set the direction of the SRC and boost student participation overall.
  • Maintain the critically important good relationship with the other three student bodies, in particular to build a successful and accessible Freshers’ Week 2014 that caters to all new students.

A mix of extensive experience and fresh ideas makes me the best candidate to lead the SRC into the next year, and I hope to gain your support. If you have any questions, you can contact me through my campaign page at

Don’t be shy, vote Mackay!

Naomi Duffy-Welsh

Naomi Duffy-WelshIn the absence of a working rector, students of Glasgow University need an SRC President who is passionate about representing student interests, diplomatic, and who has strong leadership skills. I have those skills. I am that candidate.

My name is Naomi Duffy-Welsh and I am an excellent candidate for SRC President because I am friendly, approachable and am genuinely committed to improving both the learning experience and overall experience of my fellow students. Not only this, I am also excellent at public speaking, an effective decision maker and willing to go that extra mile to support others.

I am already a highly experienced member of the SRC after being proactive in my role of Critical Studies representative and have already successfully worked towards the following:

  • Managing the overcapacity issue affecting the library.
  • Provide additional student support through developing a peer mentoring model and hosting a question and answer evening for students considering English literature at honours.
  • Participated in a Periodic Subject Review with senior academic staff.
  • Co-founded the GU forum for Student Loan Sell-off to raise awareness of debt privatisation affecting all UK students.

These issues were addressed in my first manifesto and show that I keep the promises I make. My SRC experience has also meant I am comfortable and familiar in communicating with senior academic staff and making my opinions heard. However, I still have more to give back to the students of Glasgow University.

If elected as SRC President, and in addition to my usual Presidential duties, I will work to:

  • Ensure the student voice is heard and appreciated on all committees across the university and offer greater support and training to all council members to facilitate this goal.
  • Be more proactive in campaigning and raising awareness of issues that affect students in Glasgow and nationwide.
  • Make free fruit available in the library during the summer and winter examination periods.
  • Support students through the Scottish Referendum by ensuring students are registered to vote.
  • Better integrate international students and ensure all visa opportunities are well advertised for international students who wish to remain in Glasgow after their degree.
  • Continue to work on the issue of overcapacity across campus by petitioning Court for additional study space and by ensuring plans for the Western Infirmary development will benefit all students.
  • Reduce the waiting list for the Counselling and Psychological services by developing a pre-emptive student support model or ‘buddy system’ to pilot in September 2014.
  • Use video blogs to communicate updates about the progress and achievements of the SRC to the student body, including producing a short ‘news bulletin’ video after each SRC council meeting to communicate the minutes of the meeting.
  • Create a stronger SRC presence on the Gilmore Hill, Garscube and Dumfries campuses through holding Presidential surgeries and establishing an SRC brand that can be easily identified for event promotion.

Vote Naomi for #1 SRC President. Follow my campaign on Facebook and Twitter @herecomegnomes

Owen Mooney

Owen MooneyI’m running for President because I think that the SRC should stand up for you and your interests and hold university management to account when they fail to do so.

Many students don’t know about the services the SRC provides or what it can do for them. The SRC should focus on improving engagement with students, to give you more of a stake in the decisions taken by your representatives.

I will be a President who campaigns to improve services for students and works hard to engage the student body. My record on the SRC is one of campaigning for positive change, spearheading a campaign against zero-hours contracts on campus, and I will bring this ambition and drive to bear as President, fighting for the improvement of your services.

As President I will prioritise:

Promoting Clubs and Societies:

  • expand the freshers’ fair so that all societies get stalls for the entire fair
  • publicise major events societies host
  • give societies support and advice especially when membership is dropping or they’re not reaffiliating
  • campaign with GUSA to keep Wednesday afternoons free of classes for sport

Representation that works for you:

  • organise workshops aimed at encouraging people to run for the SRC as well as giving practical advice on how to run a campaign
  • introduce a petitioning service to allow students to raise issues and demand action from the SRC directly
  • direct elections for student representation on university court
  • launch a voter registration campaign for 1st year students arriving in halls to make sure they are able to vote in the independence referendum
  • hold regular president’s surgeries to give you an informal way to contact me

Mental Health Services:

  • Campaign to increase funding and staffing for the counselling service to ensure you get the support you need.
  • Promote awareness of mental health and services on offer during freshers’ week and with workshops before exam time.
  • Introduce lecture recording for all classes to make studying less stressful and catching up on work easier

Liberation and Equality:

  • keep in regular contact and work closely with societies, such as LGBTQ+, the feminist societies and others that promote equality and use the SRC to help with issues they identify
  • promote and publicise events and services these societies offer
  • ensure liberation and equality is at the forefront of all the work the SRC does


  • introduce a service where students can compare experiences of different landlords and letting agencies, to help tackle rogue landlords and put students in touch with the legal advice on offer
  • stand up to dodgy landlords and promote awareness of how the SRC can help with housing problems

For an SRC that puts students at its heart it needs a President who will be a strong voice and a campaigning force. If you want an SRC that deals with your issues and your concerns, and stands up for your interests, vote Owen Mooney #1.