Vice President: Education

Lucy Johnstone My name is Lucy Johnstone, i’m currently the SRC College Convenor for Social Sciences and a law student. I’m running to be your VP Education because I believe I’ve got the best experience and ideas for the year ahead. Why me? As a Convenor the past year I have shown myself to be […]

Lucy Johnstone

My name is Lucy Johnstone, i’m currently the SRC College Convenor for Social Sciences and a law student. I’m running to be your VP Education because I believe I’ve got the best experience and ideas for the year ahead.

Why me?

As a Convenor the past year I have shown myself to be a dedicated and active member of SRC Council. I have sat on the Social Sciences Learning & Teaching Committee/Board of Studies, the University Senate, a Periodic Subject Review panel and two Programme Approval Groups. I was also elected by Council to sit on the University Learning & Teaching Committee, which is one of the most important and key committees for this role.

As well as contributing to Council and other committee meetings, I have endeavoured to be as involved in the SRC I can be to gain a better insight into how it works. For the past two years I have been an SRC Freshers’ Helper and so am in a position to assist in organising a successful Freshers’ Week building upon what I have learnt from my previous involvement.

My experience shows that I care about representing students and have a thorough understanding of the decision making process at the University.

If elected, these are the areas I will be mainly working on:

  • STUDY FACILITIES: I will work to improve these on Campus. With the proposed cuts to opening hours at the Wolfson Medical library last year the University showed they were willing to cut down on study facilities. I will strongly oppose any further cuts and removal of study spaces on campus and also work to improve the current library facilities.
  • ENGAGEMENT: With the introduction of the Student Voice website there is potential for the ‘feedback loop’ to be closed however this will only work if it is properly utilised. I will aim to increase awareness of this website amongst students and academic reps. I will also work to ensure that every school and college listens to its student representatives, as I have experienced first-hand the poor treatment reps can often face up to now.
  • QUALITY OF EDUCATION: With increasing applications and the introduction of RUK fees, it needs to be ensured that the quality of education that all students receive is best as possible. I will continue to advocate the introduction of more lecture recording and work effectively with academic reps to ensure any issues in schools & colleges are resolved quickly.
  • With the acquisition of the Western Infirmary site by the University the consultation process over campus redevelopment in the next year will be incredibly important – I want to make sure that the SRC publicises this as much as possible and that students feel they have been a part of this process.

I believe I have the necessary experience and knowledge of the SRC to be able to positively contribute to the quality of education at Glasgow as VP Education.

Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions at

Oli Coombs

Hello! My name is Oli Coombs and I am a fourth year History student.

The role of VP (Education) is to ensure the student learning experience is at the forefront of the university. In carrying out this role it is imperative that the SRC reaches out to the needs of ALL students.

Since coming to university I’ve been majorly involved in student life. I’m currently President of one of the largest and most active sports clubs on campus, the GU Swimming & Waterpolo Club. Alongside that position, I co-founded the GU Food Co-op that last year won the SRC’s best new society.

I am approachable, hard working and organised. If elected I will ensure I have regular office hours where students can raise any issues they have. Students must feel that the SRC is an approachable body.

If elected I pledge the following:

  • Establish a Buddy system throughout the university: Going to university is a daunting experience and I want to increase the level of pastoral care the SRC offers. Welcoming students must last longer than just freshers week, and a buddy system would ensure this. A buddy system would cater for all students and be invaluable in welcoming international students as well as students from the UK. Further, difficult academic choices are made throughout your academic career and being able to talk to a fellow student who has experienced that would be extremely helpful and reassuring.
  • Ensure high levels of education are maintained despite financial pressures on the university: It is vitally important the SRC puts the needs of students first to ensure the level of education does not suffer in this current economic climate. Costs of basic services (such as printing and photocopying) must not be raised and the level of resources available to students must not be scaled back. The main student library and the medical library must maintain their current opening hours.
  • Working with the other student bodies to put on educational events: Attracting well known speakers to the university is a valuable way of increasing the SRC’s visibility on campus as well as broadening the horizons of students. I would introduce an SRC lecture series that invited speakers to talk to students, using the facilities at the John Macintyre as well as both our excellent unions.
  • Ensure the SRC provide an effective framework for student societies to flourish: Some subjects have excellent student run societies that cater specifically for their subject with interesting talks, discussion groups and social activities. I will encourage the further establishment of subject led societies and help those societies’ foster close links with their department. Learning should not be limited to the lecture theatre!

With the recent announcement that the site of the Western Infirmary is to be developed for university use over the next few years the SRC will have a vital role to play in this exciting expansion and students must be at the heart of the university’s future.

Thanks for reading,

Oli Coombs.