School Representative Life Sciences

Ada Scarrott My name is Ada Scarrott and I am a fourth year Geneticist, and a ‘mature’ student at 24 years old. Since my first year of University, back when I was doing Biog 1A and Excos, I have been a student rep. This all started in my first lab when I thought ‘you know […]

Ada Scarrott

14522332_10210013126020476_352830558_o My name is Ada Scarrott and I am a fourth year Geneticist, and a ‘mature’ student at 24 years old. Since my first year of University, back when I was doing Biog 1A and Excos, I have been a student rep. This all started in my first lab when I thought ‘you know what, I think I’d be good at speaking to the staff and helping the students’ and my passion for being a rep has only grown since then. I like being approachable, and making sure that everyone feels like they have a say in their education.
The School of Life Sciences is generally very well run. We are lucky in the fact that there are a lot of staff who care about our opinions and reflect upon them. However, the School being well run does not mean we should become complacent about trying to improve it. In my role as school representative I will make sure every year and subject area is heard and changes seen. I want every student in the school to know that they have the power to make their education their own.

Dalia Gala

IMG11 (7)My name is Dalia Gala and I am a 3rd year undergraduate Molecular and Cellular Biology student.
I would like to run for the Life Sciences School Representative because I am actively involved in the school’s affairs and I believe that as a Representative I would be able to stand for all the students, including myself, and bring real change into our school. I am well aware of the fact that the Life Sciences is about to undergo a restructuring, especially considering the second year teaching scheme. I would like to contribute towards a better communication between staff and students so that all the changes to be made will be well considered and consulted with students regarding their needs and expectations. I am also very much involved with Life Sciences related societies and, if elected, I would do all my best to see them flourish, making sure that they receive all the resources and support needed. In summary I could say that the main thing on my mind when applying for this position is the Life Sciences students’ – our – welfare. If elected a Representative, I will invest 100% of my energy into making this the school’s number 1 priority.

Madihah Hussain

IMG-20160930-WA0015Hello everyone, I am a 2nd year Neuroscience student in the school of Life Sciences and I am asking you to vote for me this year! A few things on my agenda are:
• Dedicating myself to supporting class reps in improving the student experience within the school of life sciences.
• Create opportunities for students of life sciences to engage more in university decisions.
• Stress the importance of good mental health of fellow students across the council and then ensure there are adequate places for contemplation for students of life sciences.
• Ensure that all international students and those who have moved between cities feel happy and comfortable within the school of life sciences as I am well aware of how intimidating entering a new environment can be.
• Highlight the importance of the SRC to life sciences students.
• Effectively represent life sciences students at council.
So, please vote Madihah as #1

Paul Gillan

Paul Gillan- PhotoHello, my name is Paul Gillan and I am a postgraduate student studying an MSc in Stratified Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation. I am applying for Life Science representative because I was supported by so many during my studies here and wish to provide that support to other students as well.
I graduated with a BSc in Genetics from Glasgow University, during my undergraduate experience I was a 2nd, 3rd and 4th year SRC bio-molecular representative so I have been involved with communicating between students and staff within life science. I am also involved with the G-Gnomes (Genetics, MCB and Biochemistry) society as a 2nd year rep, Genetics rep and eventually President. My roles involved representing a year, degree group and eventually organizing events for all Life Science students. I have also been a staff member for the past three years, assisting students and developing awareness of the services available to support students.
I hope to support students through three main aims, improving communication between life science societies to optimize social and guest lecture events available to students, improve interactions between undergraduate and postgraduate students within life science and provide additional support for life science students towards their personal goals.