General Representative

Bethan Hall Jones Hello! My Name’s Bethan Hall-Jones; I study Physics with Astrophysics and I’m running for general representative. In my second year, I feel I now have a great understanding of many aspects that both affect the university and make it an amazing place to be. I’ve been very into sports my entire life […]

Bethan Hall Jones

BethanHall-JonesHello! My Name’s Bethan Hall-Jones; I study Physics with Astrophysics and I’m running for general representative. In my second year, I feel I now have a great understanding of many aspects that both affect the university and make it an amazing place to be.
I’ve been very into sports my entire life including the fitness and social aspects that being a part of a team can bring. I’m a very involved member of GUSWPC and a frequent visitor to the unions. With the ever increasing range of sports facilities and clubs available at Glasgow I would strive to increase access and participation for people of all levels and abilities.
I became involved with the SRC by being a Fresher’s Helper and it opened my eyes to all the great things the SRC offers students. This really allowed me to get involved with the inner workings of the SRC while helping and supporting students.
As a general representative I would also push to improve access to counselling and psychological services offered by the university, I feel this is important and needs to be addressed as waiting lists can be as very long!

Effy Wang

photoMy name is Yilin Wang, I am a student who study in MA Economics. I am a second year student. I am applying the position of General Representative. This is the position which meet the candidates who could liaise students from all disciplines and also the SRC Council. I had the relevant experience who I was in my high school which report the difficulties from student’s academic knowledge to the school academic support center. Moreover, currently I was one of the member in the GUTIC, and I has a keen interested in attend all the societies’ meeting.

Furthermore, if I was elected to be the general representative, the most important thing is to represent the needs of the students to the council. Thus, I would conduct some survey with simple question to reflect the requirements of students and report these to different apartments such as, Student Officers, Academic Convenors and Sabbatical Officers, according to the distinct opinions from students. Besides, I will asset the president to organize the events and keep closely in touch with the president and other departments.

All in all, it will be my honor if I could be elected to be one of the general representatives.

Fatemeh Nokhbatolfoghahai

Have you ever thought to yourself – I need a quite space to reflect on campus… but where?!
Now starting my 3rd year at Glasgow University, in this magical Hogwarts looking part of the city, I have been trying to find the answer to that very question. Student life is at times overwhelming, and sometimes you need some time out to meditate, pray or just quietly reflect. During my last year in this very same role, I led on creating that discussion on campus, with the Chaplaincy, Main Library and QMU. It quickly became evident through chatting with students that they had a desire for this type of space. Mental health is a priority for us after all!
If given the chance to be Gen Rep for the second year running I aim to:
• Continue to establish different quiet spaces on campus
• Keep the two-way conversation going with students – Everyone needs more representation!
• Collaborate with the other unions. There is lots on offer and the likes of sports and social life are what makes University more than just a degree.
Most importantly I want to hear what matters to you – so vote Fatemeh for #1 Gen Rep!! 

Harry Wang

0930_1I am Rui Wang, a first-year postgraduate student coming from China. And my major is MSc in Financial modelling. The position that I pursue is General Representative.
I joined the Student Union in my domestic university and ended up as the minister of the department of Rights and Interest of Students. During the period, I organized a negotiation between students and the university café when some students refused to have meal in the café for fear of the sanitation and for dissatisfaction of price. Besides, I also took part in a volunteer activity as an inspector in railway station and successfully cooperated with policemen to catch an escaped convict in work.
The reason why I want to join SRC is that I expect to serve schoolmates from all over the world with the same honesty because it will be an interesting experience for both you and me.
I think I am a good listener so if you elect me as the representative I will patiently listen what you say and try my best to help you cope with the matters and express your thinking in the coming semester. Honesty is a universal language, please believe me.

Hugh Littlehailes

SRC application photoHi, I’m Hugh Littlehailes; I’m a 4th year Physics with Astrophysics student, and hopefully one of the next general representatives!
In the past I have been a member of a number of societies and clubs, and a SRC Fresher’s helper, which was a cracking time. This gave me a wide experience of Glasgow University life, and the opportunity to meet a number of the brilliant people that make up this great uni.
What would I do if I was elected?
• I would put the represent back into General Representative and get all student voices heard.
• I would organise and properly advertise drop-in surgeries where you could voice concerns.
• I would help connect students with the amazing groups and initiatives that are around on campus or just gaining momentum and if possible help these services improve and grow.
What do I get out of it?
• I get the chance to represent you guys in a role that is gonna be a lot of fun
What will you get out?
• Representation by someone who will care about this role and the views of you guys
Cheers for taking the time to read, Vote Hugh for General Representative! Hugh know you want to!

Iris Chong

CHONG WENG SI (2229873)My name is Iris. I am in my undergraduate Year 2 studying Business & Management and Economics. I am standing to be the General Representative.
Firstly, I have advantage in languages. I am from Macau but I took my high school in an English school. I watched TV programmes in mandarin when I was young. Therefore, I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English fluently. This might help because I can communicate without gaps with international schoolmates.
Secondly, I am confident with my multitasking skills. I was one of the officers in the Business Club in my high school operating activities like New Year Carnival. I also worked as a piano teacher. Therefore, I can deal with stuff in a correct manner.
I think we sometimes encounter problem of not finding a well- pleasing seat in the Library to do our self- study. If elected, I will promote a campaign to gather feedback in order to lobby for better facilities. I would also like to be the bridge between the international, UK and EU students.
Lastly, I have a strong will to become a General Representative to work out my motto—Be willing to help rather than being asked to help.

Jessica Brown

14192100_10210504061821818_911994632313449865_nHello, I’m Jessica Brown, a third year Biochemistry student who would like to be your General Representative.

Since I came to Glasgow, I have loved my university experience and would welcome the opportunity to help all students enjoy their time here as much as I do, now and in the future.

This Fresher’s Week I was a helper for QMU, which gave me an insight into how the student bodies work, as well as the importance of them. The SRC is a vital presence, and I would love to be involved.

As your General Representative I would look to:

• Increase awareness of sexual health provisions and promote consent workshops
• Request clarification of the increase in rental costs of student halls and address discrepancies
• Promote safe cycling in and around campus
• Strive to emphasise the importance of mental health and reduce stigma surrounding it
• Improve communication between students and their advisors

I have several ideas that I think and hope would make our campus an even better and safer place for every student. As your General Representative, I would work tirelessly to implement my ideas, working alongside other Representatives to make sure the SRC and the University works for everyone.

Jessica Xu

personal photoAs a PGT, I want to apply for being a general representative. My major is Finance & Management and I will study here for one year.
My previous experience identifies my application. I worked as a minister in mental health department of student union during college. This cultivated my responsibility, earnest and patience. I joined the intern program in ICBC during college and worked in a bank for two years after graduation during which period I got a promotion from subsidiary bank to head office because of the good performance in operational ability. all these abilities are of significance to this position.
As for being a general representative, to be frank I do not know what specific issues I need to do, but I know I need to deal with many trivial but meaningful things and communicate and coordinate with other departments in SRC. Thinking about the benefits of other people and the group is much important than only thinking about yourself.
If I am fortunate enough to join in SRC as a general representative, I would like to do anything given by superior leaders and do everything to help other students.



Maaz Talha

ID picHey guys! I’m a first year dental student studying and would love your support! Doing a previous degree has given me the experience to carry out this role and ensure you guys have the best time at university!
Having been an active member of the student-staff committee allowed me to raise points of concern not just affecting academics but also social aspects of my course. These allowed me to bring about changes which heightened the student experience and I want to bring that to Glasgow because as a student, it is essential for our point of views to be heard and what better platform than the SRC! I am confident I can convey your views on a university level. Together we can bring about a positive change on campus!
University can also be a daunting experience, especially for non-home students so, if elected, I want to introduce a peer advice service where home students can be paired up with non-home students and can share their experiences and support each other to help transition into uni life!
I want this year to be the most student friendly year yet so vote Maaz #1!

Matthew Walker

matthew walkerHi – My name is Matthew Walker, a 20 year old third year maths student, running for the position of General Representative!

Why me? As a former school prefect and member of The Children’s Parliament I have experience in leadership and representing other opinions and ideas. I have also twice been an SRC Freshers’ Helper so already have an insight into how the council functions.

Soooooo if elected, I will:
– work to make all students aware of what the SRC does and the services it provides by establishing a means to keep students up-to-date on the goings-on of all things SRC (still too many students are unaware of what the SRC does/can do for them!)
– work to ensure that education/services are not hampered by the new campus development (particularly relevant as the maths building is planned for demolition in December!)
– be open and flexible with regards to tackling issues affecting students and voicing concerns

The role of General Representative can be incredibly varied. Therefore if elected I will strive to work with the SRC in order to address the needs of our student population and make the (already quite great) student experience at UofG even better!

Muhammad Asif

imageI am not just an ordinary person, as someone brought up with the motto; “A person should become a soul existence on whom someone else can depend on.” I am that dependable person. People always want to rely on others but most of them can end up feeling neglected or feel as if they are a burden. I take genuine interest in other people which helps me to understand and help them. I aspire to let everyone know that I am always there for their needs, that I will be representing them and their interests. I fulfilled this ambition in my school where I became the Head Ambassador. My class depended on me for organising funds for the events and over time I became a bridge between the students and the staff. This is exactly what I hope to become here at university, I will accept the challenge and work relentlessly. I will stand up for everyone and I will make sure that your views are brought out in front of the university. I will make sure to become your voice. So your vote is not for me but it’s for yourselves.

Natalie Moffatt

Natalie Moffat. Photo for nominationI’m a 4th Year Sociology and Anthropology student and would love to represent you as a General Representative.
My involvement with the SRC began last year when I started volunteering with Glasgow University Service to the Homeless (GUSH). I have since become a shift leader and committee member.
I also just worked as an SRC Freshers’ Helper and really enjoyed all the tasks and engaging with many different people. During this time, I began working as a Sexual Violence Prevention Trainer as part of a collaborative intervention which aims to raise awareness of and tackle gender-based violence. The programme’s implementation on campus has begun through training the Freshers’ Helpers from all four student bodies and I feel very proud to be part of it.
The SRC offers a range of valuable services to students which, if elected, I will work to raise awareness of. In particular, I wish to promote issues surrounding welfare, such as the suicide prevention training and helping the sexual violence prevention training reach more students. I shall also be open for students of any discipline to approach with their ideas or concerns, no matter how big or small, as everyone should feel fairly represented.
Thank you!

Nihal Talwar

NihalHello! My name is NIHAL TALWAR and I am a first year student studying Business and Management . I am a candidate for the General Representative Position. I believe the SRC to be exactly where I can work to make things better than they already are.
Being a Head Boy provided me with experience in event organisation as well as confidence to fight for students rights back at school in India. Coming from an emotional background gives me an extra edge in my manifesto. I that this background of mine will really be helpful for people for multicultural environment to connect and construct a valuable relationship with me.

Listen to and voice concerns of the students within the SRC meetings.
Keep in touch with important issues both internally and externally which could affect the quality of life of the children studying at Glasgow University.
For everything I do, I do for the betterment of others and put all my heart and passion into this aim. At last I’d like to make a promise to promote active communication between the students, staff and the SRC, in order to ensure that the interests of students are well represented.

Ruoxi Han

RUOXI HAN_General RepI am Ruoxi HAN from China. I am here studying in University of Glasgow for one year to obtain a master degree and to enjoy an incredible experience.

I am well prepared and qualified to stand for election of General Representatives. I have rich leadership and participation experiences when I was an undergraduate. I was the president of Convention and Exhibition Club which focus on holding exhibitions by cooperating with local exhibitors in Shanghai. One remarkable experience is giving assistance twice when China International Bicycle & Motor Fair was held in Shanghai annually. My job is training and arranging volunteers to participate in assistant job such as guide and interpretation. I also participated in a model company concentrating on recruiting employees. All in all, I am full of enthusiasm and ready to be one of the members in SRC.

If I were elected, I will do my best to serve the students and attend each meeting of SRC Council with great enthusiasm. I will deal with student issues with impartial prudent attitude. This kind of attitude is what I am religious about.

Ryan O’Fee

image1As first year representative last year I got to see for myself the good the SRC can do. However, it also became very clear to me that the university significantly under invests in our student bodies.

For years the university has refused to increase the block grant it gives to our student bodies. This used to be frustrating, but it is quickly becoming untenable. Not only does the SRC lack the funding to properly address growing issues within the student body, it has been forced recently to cut hugely popular services such as the SRC minibuses.

This problem is not limited to the SRC though – QMU and the GUU have both had their funding cut this year, and GUSA is substantially underfunded compared to other university sport associations. If elected I will use the position to reach out to all other student bodies in an effort to begin a campaign fighting for a genuine increase in the block grant. I will aim to demonstrate to the university just how much us students, the “world changers” Glasgow University is so keen to welcome, could contribute to this institution if we were given the opportunity.

Thanks for reading, and please vote!

Sophie Gill

imageHi, my name is Sophie Gill and I am a second year studying Psychology, from Belfast!
I feel I have the energy and enthusiasm to fulfil this role as I have thrown myself into university life from the onset. I am a member of the Netball Club, the Psychology society, and the newly formed Obstacle Course Racing Society. I was an SRC Fresher’s helper this year and I had an amazing week, working hard and meeting so many friendly faces! This experience was so positive that it inspired me to pursue these following goals;

  • For students to be more aware of what clubs and societies have to offer. Increasing their level of communication, through the SRC website, would allow students of every level to easily discover events, meetings and socials hosted by their favourite clubs and societies.
  • To campaign for area’s to store personal items on campus, such as lockers. Students who live far from campus should have this facility.
  • To push the need for more bicycle racks situated on campus.

Thanks for reading and I hope I have interested you in what could be a reality within the University!

Stefano Sesia

SesiaStefano_PictureHi there! I’m Stefano, a third year Computing Science student.
Glasgow University is the true home to world changers: invaluable experiences,
countless opportunities and the creative environment that surround you are keys to shape your future.
Our campus is undergoing one of his most exciting developments, in such a period I would love to contribute as your General Representative to listen to your Voice and benefit our University.

I am currently the president of the Tech Society and I have been organising events on our campus for three years, I always put the Student’s interests in the first place and encourage creativity.
I’ve been a fresher’s helpers for two years, this gave me great insight in the structure and services provided by our University.
This is my second year as a class representative, mediating student’s needs.

If elected, I would:

• Open the doors to any Society needing any kind of friendly advice or directions to empower them make the difference
• Always listening to your needs and advice: a constructive dialogue to funnel any changes you deem necessary
• Promote all the opportunities around you: one of our >200 societies, our unions or the university. get your future in your own hands!

Struan McLean

replacementHello, my name is Struan McLean, I am currently studying economics in second year, and wanting to represent your views as General Representative of the SRC.
This year I was a fresher’s helper and learnt about many of the great services that the SRC run, and would love to bring new ideas to the group. Unfortunately, I feel there are too many areas of the SRC is underutilised by the students, so I would like to continue to promote these services, long after freshers week, so every student is able to benefit from them. I would like to involve every student, by organising general events in the unions, so the SRC are approaching the students, rather than waiting for the student to approach them.
I believe that I am a good candidate for this role because I am a sociable and approachable student, part of many clubs and societies, so I am confident that students will be able to raise their concerns with me. I also have the confidence needed to bring up any issues you may have with council, and will work with them to solve the problem as best as possible.