First Year Representative

Amna Zahid Hello! My name is Amna and I’m a dental student who hopes to be your first year rep. Having completed an undergraduate degree previously, I know exactly what it feels like to be a fresher. For many of us, this will be our first time living away from home. I moved away for […]

Amna Zahid

13680857_10154591044022784_2583808240421209869_n (1) Hello! My name is Amna and I’m a dental student who hopes to be your first year rep.

Having completed an undergraduate degree previously, I know exactly what it feels like to be a fresher. For many of us, this will be our first time living away from home. I moved away for my first degree and it can feel daunting; being in a new environment, surrounded by new people whilst studying at a new level. This is why I am passionate about voicing your concerns.
In Aberdeen, I was an elected member of a society where I regularly brought up issues on behalf of our members. This was not just on a university scale as twice per year, I was invited to raise concerns to council on a national level. This is something I have continued to do now that I’m back in Glasgow.
If elected, I will raise the concerns of home, UK and overseas students equally as I truly believe that no student should be neglected, rather, we should feel like we belong. I strongly believe that more can be done on campus to support the mental health of students – particularly us first years.

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Andreea Musat

20160728_110508-2Together. This is the key word that underlies my motion. Being a first year student is both exciting and overwhelming. On the one hand, we are fascinated by our new UNIverse , but on the other hand there are situations when we feel alone or misunderstood. This is my role: to listen to your problems of every nature and try to give you the best advice. Every single opinion or proposal from you is important to me! Although I am thinking of creating some events in which first year students get to know each other, I do not want to emphasize this because I am a flexible person and all the important decisions will be taken TOGETHER! Last but not least, do you know that in this changing world the importance of numbers has remained unchanged? If I chose to study Mathematics&Accounting, it means that my way of thinking will not change and my motivation and determination have no limit. My name is Andreea Cristina Musat and I would be honored if I were your representative! Thank you for reading my thoughts and I know for sure that TOGETHER we will take the best decision!

Kritika Dass

Hi, I’m Kritika and I’m standing for the position of First Year Rep. I’m from India and studying Aeronautical Engineering.
Being a Fresher is scary, especially if you’re leaving your family behind and living on your own. Considering I’m an international student, I know what worries a fellow international student.
Since university can be a pretty big step for some students, they are more prone to suffer from anxiety and depression. If elected, I will try to get enough funding to tackle these issues.
We all know how strenuous it is to log on to MyGlasgow every time. I wasted 4 hours trying to enrol myself only to learn that First year students don’t need to enrol. So one of my goals is to make the university website more user-friendly.
But that’s not all. I will be more than happy to raise any topic or concern that you guys are facing.
What I’ve learned in my first few weeks in Glasgow is that everyone is so cordial and warm. And it would be an honour to be your First Year Rep. Oh, and I love dogs. 🙂

Martina Lofqvist

_MG_0650The first time I visited the University in the spring, I was amazed by the student life it offered and knew right away that I wanted to get involved. Since my arrival I have learned something new about the student life every day, and there hasn’t been a time where I regretted my decision of leaving Sweden for University of Glasgow.

I am Martina Lofqvist, a Swedish/ American who’s studying Economics, Management and Computer Science. So far I’ve joined one sports team (cheerleading), a number of societies, and is the class representative for Economics, but that’s not enough. Therefore I am looking to get involved with the SRC.

I believe that not only I will benefit from this position, but that I also can make a great contribution to you students. Through my prior positions as the treasurer of the student union and CEO of a startup company, I have developed skills such as organization, dedication, representation and leadership, which I will make good use of in this role. As a representative I will ensure that student concerns will be brought to the forefront.

So please, help me help you by voting for me as your First Year Representative!

Xavier Weiss

Alternative Photo Salutations!
My name is Xavier Weiss (yes, like the X-men) and just a few weeks ago I clambered all the way up from the low lands (i.e. the Netherlands) to these strange parts: the high lands. To those who ―like me― have but recently ventured into University life, ease is critical. Why? Because in this exciting and terrifying and crazy and awesome and all-round kaleidoscopic time, you probably want to find ‘your place’, a new balance. So that is why, for the good of all, we wish to try and implement the following where possible:
• A smarter MyCampus (automatically detect time conflicts, modern interface, lunch slots, etcetera)
• System to record, store and distribute (securely) lecture videos (future you will be thankful)
• Adaption of software to make lectures interactive for all disciplines (not just Computer Science cough Yacrs cough).
• A framework (coordinated by students) to allow students to sit-in lectures from other subjects out of curiosity.
• Interdisciplinary projects (reflects how real jobs work, end the isolation!)
• Renewable energy (forward-looking University)
• ‘Lobby’ for a cheaper laundry service in Student Accommodation

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