Mental Health Equality Officer

Caitlin Brennan Mental health issues affect 1 in 10 people and, unfortunately, suicide is the second most common cause of death in young adults. Mental health issues must continue to be taken seriously. I’m currently a final year medical student and during my University Career I have represented my peers in several areas; as a […]

Caitlin Brennan

Mental health issues affect 1 in 10 people and, unfortunately, suicide is the second most common cause of death in young adults. Mental health issues must continue to be taken seriously.
I’m currently a final year medical student and during my University Career I have represented my peers in several areas; as a MedChir representative, in a leadership role in the GSUOTC and as VP of the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Society.
This is a role that I feel passionate about, and I will dedicate myself to improving awareness of, and support for, all mental health issues affecting GU students.
A separate specialised service – I would challenge inclusion of mental health services under the ‘Disability Service’ as I believe this limits engagement from the study body.
Reduce waiting times – The student counselling service is overwhelmed and requires additional staff, waiting times are currently unacceptable.
‘Yellow card system’ whereby students can summarise their support needs and present this to relevant staff. This will allow students to attend appointments without questioning or anxiety.
Information during fresher’s week – Include a short leaflet in the Freshers’ welcome pack to outline services available, alleviating the anxiety of those coming to university with existing problems.


Alistair Craig

Alistair Craig Mental Health Equality Photo I’m Alistair, a third year History student, and I’m running to be your Mental Health Equality Officer.
From my own experiences struggling with depression and anxiety, I know how difficult it is to get support and that the University can let down those who need help the most.
Our counselling system is underfunded and understaffed meaning that Glasgow has one of the longest waiting lists out of all UK universities.
With one in four students suffering from a mental health issue, I’m running to ensure that the SRC offers more support and campaigns to overhaul the way the University approaches mental health.
If elected I will:
– Campaign to increase funding to mental health services and reverse outsourcing.
– Hold more surgeries and events around tackling stress – especially near exams.
– Campaign for lecture recording in all subjects to help students catch up.
– Push for a standardised approach from all University departments.
– Raise awareness of eating disorders and campaign for more specialist services.
– Collaborate with other Officers to tackle mental health issues amongst postgraduates and raise awareness of gendered and sexual dynamics of mental health.
– Be approachable, easy to contact and handle issues with sensitivity.


 Rowan Jackson-Stewart

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.31.41 Hello, I’m Rowan Jackson-Stewart; a 4th year veterinary student. I have a personal understanding of the impact that mental health issues can have on all aspects of life. As such I believe it is vital everyone knows support is available and where this can be found. I have supported friends through periods of difficulty and want to ensure every student knows where to turn to for help.

If elected I aim to:

• Reduce the stigma of mental health around campus to create a particularly strong, supportive university environment.

• Promote the importance of maintaining a general wellbeing.

• Hold drop in sessions, particularly at the more stressful times of year, where students can come to speak and/or get advice and information on what services are available for them.

• Improve support for family & friends of sufferers of mental health issues.

• Work with school reps; ensuring they have everything required to offer the best possible support and guidance to the students in their faculties.

I am enthusiastic and approachable and love to chat whatever it may be about! I am willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that every student feels truly supported and confident during their time at Glasgow University.

Elliot Porter

Elliot P

I’m Elliot and I’’m a fourth year Philosophy student.

If elected, I hope to work closely with the Disabilities Officer and VPSS to represent the mental health and wellbeing interests of all students, the particular interests of students with mental health issues, and to raise awareness on campus both of mental wellbeing issues, and the support available.

I intend to:

Raise awareness on the nature of mental ill-health, and tackle stigma.

  • Work with the GUSA welfare officer to advise all students of good self-care and lifestyle practice.
  • raise awareness of what support is available through CAPS, GUSA, GUMW and other bodies.
  • work with Philip Quinn to ensure CAPS is being run as effectively as possible
  • provide direct representation of students registered with CAPS on university committees, with a view to the creation of a Mental Health/Wellbeing committee.
  • encourage colleges to find pastoral care solutions that are effective to their specific needs, and provide mental health first aid and awareness training to chief advisors.
  • work with GUSA and GUMW to support Starfish and the creation of similar peer support programs.
  • through the SRC, facilitate Mental Health First Aid and Awareness training to board members of both unions and student societies.


Rebecca Scott

2014-10-09 19.50.05I’m Rebecca and I’m studying Law. After my own struggles I have been determined to change the attitude towards mental health. At school I set up a support group and I’ve become a young ambassador for Eating Disorder Charity B-eat. I’ve given talks all over the country and I would speak out strongly against discrimination. Becoming the SRC Mental Health Equality Officer would be perfect for me because it’s dealing with issues I am so passionate about.

This role is about being a voice for everyone, we ALL have to look after our mental well-being. I would like to see more support for those who don’t feel ‘bad enough’ to seek help. Everyone deserves to have their mental well-being looked after. I would also like to see more ‘safe places’ around campus for anyone who feels they need a quieter space for lunchtime where they could go with friends if they wished. I would like to help with campaigns, educate students as well as staff so that there is a better understanding and introduce ‘support buddies.’

If you want to remove stigma, see real changes and have someone who really cares representing you, then please vote for me!



Henna Vartiainen

20140921_150947Hi! My name is Henna and I am a second year psychology student. I am running for this position because I want to raise awareness of mental health issues: As I have suffered from mental illness, I know how much it can decrease the quality of life and cause unwanted isolation and loneliness. As a Mental Health Equality Officer, I would like to make sure that everyone suffering from mental illness gets the support they need.

However, good mental health does not only mean a lack of clinically diagnosed mental illness. For example, some students might find it difficult to adjust to university life, and for foreign students adjusting to another culture might seem like too much to handle. Even though the university has plenty of psychological and mental health support systems available for students, often these services are not used because of the fear of being stigmatized. As a Mental Health Equality Officer, I would
• Aim to reduce stigma towards people with mental illness
• Raise awareness of student well-being and mental health problems
• Promote the mental health support systems available for students and try to make them more approachable
Give voice to students’ concerns regarding mental health issues