International Students Officer

Julia Bambach Hi! My name is Julia, a second year Law and Business student, and I want to be your International Students Officer! Originally from Germany, I am one of the international students from over 120 countries who are studying at the University of Glasgow. I love learning more about different cultures and this has […]

Julia Bambach

FotoHi! My name is Julia, a second year Law and Business student, and I want to be your International Students Officer!

Originally from Germany, I am one of the international students from over 120 countries who are studying at the University of Glasgow. I love learning more about different cultures and this has led me to join several societies which celebrate diversity on campus such as the German Society, African Caribbean Society and Japanese Society.
Additionally, I am multilingual as in addition to speaking German and English, I am fluent in Japanese as when I was 15 I spent an exchange year living in Japan. Learning the Chinese language is my current goal.

If elected, I will:
 Represent international students and bring to the table the issues that are relevant to them and their particular circumstances
 Work together with the many international societies to enable a productive cultural & social exchange between local and international students
 Focus on improving the student experience in Glasgow for international students by giving advice and listening to suggestions

Our strong international community is one of the features that make our university special – let’s keep it that way!


Betty Bockova


Hello there, Alzbeta Bockova here. I’m a fourth year Psychology student running for International student officer.

Originally, I’m from the Czech Republic but I’ve also lived in England, France, Greece and Italy. This experience gave me a lot. I had the possibility to learn not just the languages but what is more important also the culture.

I believe there is nothing better about GU, than its international environment, where we all mutually learn from each other. The reason I have decided to candidate for this position is, that I believe the only way to go forward is together- as a one nation! There is no place for discrimination, racism or xenophobia! Thus, I want to actively strive and persevere in achieving this goal.

What is my resolution?

▪    Equality: Break the barrier between International, EU and home country students.

▪    Work together with the SRC to optimally represent international students, their interests and demands

▪    Endeavour to create a suitable environment where international relationships could flourish even more

▪    Try to represent not only the masses but also consider individual cases. Their interests and provide solutions for their issues, resolving them for the benefit of ALL.

                      同舟共济                                                                       大同小異


Guochen Cui


Firstly please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Guochen Cui, Christian name Keith. I hail from the North Eastern region of China, and have been studying politics at Glasgow University for the past three years.

During this time, I have witnessed first hand how students from different cultural backgrounds and who speak different languages live and study together. My driving ambition is for a better understanding and friendship for all of us, thus eliminating any form of discrimination and exclusion.

As the currently elected President of the Chinese Association, I have the necessary experience to act as a spokesman who will stand up and fight for the rights and privileges of International Students should I be fortunate enough to be the International Students Officer. My personal feeling is that International Students are under-represented in the University, I aim to help their voices to be heard, loud and clear.


If elected, I will:

  • Promote collaboration between international student bodies, to strengthen the international student community.
  • Assist the needs of International Students, both social and academic, thus improving their overall experience.
  • Assist in events and festivities that cater to the international student population to further promote integration and mutual understanding.


Ameer Ibrahim

councilHello, my name’s Ameer and I’m a 3rd year Accountancy student. Being of a mixed background, I am a strong proponent of multiculturalism and ethnic diversity, which is what UofG should stand for.
Reasons to vote me for this role:
• Direct work experience with the SRC, and a broad understanding of their role within the university.
• Further work experience at Citizens Advice, which has educated me on various political and social policy issues.
• Being an active member of various clubs and societies within the university, including Language Cafe.
Aims and objectives:
• Liaise with the SRC to find effective measures to improve international student experience.
• Communicate directly with international students to help resolve a broad range of issues.
• Wider consultation with policy makers.
• Frequent communication with clubs and societies to help advertise their activities to international students.
This year, around a third of the estimated 25,000 student populous at Glasgow are international students. This raises high expectations for the university. Every student should have the opportunity to utilise their experience during their course of study. If I am elected, I will strive for a Better UofG!


Jirka Prazan

SRC profile picInternational Students Officer Manifesto by Jirka Prazan
Hi! My name is Jirka Prazan, and I’m a second year Economics and Psychology student from the Czech Republic. Last year, I tried to get involved in everything I could find, and now I help to organise the activities of the Economics, Athletics and Malt Whisky societies. I’m from Prague, a very cosmopolitan city that imprinted its rich multicultural heritage on me, especially its significance for learning environment. I also lived in the United States, an experience that taught me much about representing my country abroad and now I wish to represent the large minority of international students at our University. Having lived through the various troubles of international students, from founding a bank account to trying haggis for the first time, I believe I can be of great help with these and more.
If elected, I will:
• Raise awareness about services available to international students
• Support and promote activities of the international societies
• Help with any issues of both EU and non-EU international students at our University and present them to the SRC
VOTE JP #1 International Students Officer!


Romain Ricchi

SRC 1Hello, I am Romain, a French Earth Science 3rd year student who moved from France two years ago to live the dream in Glasgow.

Since I moved here I have been involved in the university life through sports and societies including playing water-polo, whisky tasting (I replaced my wine habit…) as well as being a member of the GUU libraries committee, an Editor for the G-You magazine and a Freshers Helper.

As a libraries committee member, I participated in running events everyday in Freshers’ Week as well as promoting these events. I successfully integrated into a new culture and I would strive to help others achieve this through an enjoyable university life. My goal is for every student to feel at home in the UK.

If elected, I will:

  • Create a buddy system throughout the university. New International students would pair with current students.
  • Create a SRC international students guide to help students set-up in the UK. It would include information about the university services, the unions, shops and banks. It would be accessible on the website and on paper.

  • Promote university services to international students such as ‘Ask a Student’

Vote Romain #1 International Students Officer!


Ilkka Sippel


Hello! I am Ilkka Sippel, a final-year Politics and French student.

Having attended international school in my native Finland, the multicultural profile of UK universities was one the main reasons I chose to come here four years ago, and, ever since, I have enjoyed everything about it. I therefore feel passionate about making sure other foreign students have as fantastic a time as I have had.

Last year, I served on the GU French Society board as its Vice-President, organizing various events for a membership that comprised many exchange students. I have also served as an SRC Fresher’s Helper for the past two years, most recently in the capacity of a Deputy Team Leader. Finally, I spent my third year in France at the university of Toulouse.  As this was my second time at university in a new country, I feel that I have a genuine understanding of the kinds of problems international students may experience.

If elected, I would

  • regularly liaise with relevant groups and societies

  • promote initiatives such as the Conversational English project

  • participate in organising events for international students

  • make sure their voices are heard in Council.