General Representative

Mark Bellingham Hi my name is Mark Bellingham. I’m a postgraduate student in Sustainable Energy, I have also previously studied as an undergraduate in Civil Engineering. Having been at the university for 5 years now, I feel that I understand the wide range of emotions that students have throughout their studies and therefore I believe […]

Mark Bellingham

Picture - Mark Bellingham

Hi my name is Mark Bellingham. I’m a postgraduate student in Sustainable Energy, I have also previously studied as an undergraduate in Civil Engineering. Having been at the university for 5 years now, I feel that I understand the wide range of emotions that students have throughout their studies and therefore I believe that I have what it takes to be one of your General Reps.

If elected the main points on my agenda will be:

  • I believe that students should have a better platform through which to air their views to their General Reps, therefore I am proposing an improved form of weekly drop-in sessions for students to air their views.
  • Better communication between students and their Advisors.
  • Work on Committees and groups to best represent students.

The role of a General Rep is to best serve the students needs. Therefore I will strive to do the best I can to uphold that role and to work with students for the benefit of students.

Thank you for reading this manifesto and I hope I’ve convinced you to VOTE MARK #1 FOR GENERAL REP on the 23rd.

Eilidh Campbell

SRC photoHi! I’m Eilidh, a fourth year Law student and, as an admirer of everything the SRC does, I would love to contribute as general rep and inflict change where necessary to benefit our university.
Two years as an enthusiastic freshers’ helper with the added responsibility of team leader has given me greater insight into the services provided by the SRC. I was class rep for my year but would love the opportunity to represent a much wider spectrum of students and staff. As a member of GSDC and the Cecilian society, I appreciate the high demands of large societies on campus and as former Fundraising Convenor for Cecilians, I possess the organisational and team-working skills required of a general rep. I am friendly, approachable and always keen to help.

If elected, I would:

  • strive to maximise representation by holding regular drop-in sessions for individuals to raise concerns
  • be available to attend society meetings whenever requested to allow full society discussions regarding particular issues raised
  • promote the services of the SRC and encourage students to voice opinions, ensuring everyone has the best possible experience at Glasgow

Thank you for reading – please VOTE EILIDH on 23rd October.

Georgia Charalambous

photoMy name is Georgia and I am a fourth year English Language student. I have chosen to stand as a General Representative candidate as I have a variety of interests and experience and would like to work in different areas of student life.

Most importantly, I would like to work towards improving the SRC transparency of different practices and especially the recruitment processes for both voluntary and paid positions. I propose the anonymisation of applications, a system already in use by the Edinburgh University Council, which would result in a more objective and non-biased approach to recruitment.

Anonymising applications will have a plethora of advantages:

  • Improve transparency of the SRC recruitment practices
  • Enhance trustworthiness
  • Increase student participation and engagement
  • Decrease complaints and requests for feedback

Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with you!

Craig Fowler

WP_20141011_20_39_43_ProHello, I am Craig Fowler a second year Politics student at the University of Glasgow. I am nineteen and form Yorkshire. I will be running for the position of general representative in the upcoming SRC Autumn elections.

I am active in a number of Campus based societies and clubs including the dialectic society, politics society and GURFC. As well the previously mentioned interests I enjoy helping people which is why I have volunteered for the SRCs nightlight Programme and also why I am running for election.

If elected I pledge that I will be open, accessible and accountable and work for the needs of all students. To achieve this I pledge to be accessible by E mail as well as holding surgeries were people can come and discuss issues with me face to face.

I will also work to defend and improve the rights of students on campus and improve the (already good) services that the SRC offers.



Charlie Freitag

Charlotte Freitag
my name is Charlie. I’m in Psychology 2 and I would love to represent everyone of you at the SRC as a general rep!

By now, I have been Class Rep for four of my courses at University, including Psychology and Sociology this year. As a Class Rep, I have always been very active to help students with their issues around their course and university life. Last year, for example, I helped making more international students aware of their right to bring a dictionary to the exams. Now I would like to bring my commitment to my fellow students to the next level and represent the whole student body.

As a General Rep, I would like to be just as active in making the student experience as good as possible. I plan to work closely together with other SRC reps and committees to get all lecture recorded, improve essay feedback and stop overflow lectures, as well as making information on regulations more understandable and easily accessible. In addition, I will listen to what students feel could be improved and mediate between the student body and university staff.


Thais Ramdani

thais-ramdaniHello! My name is Thais Ramdani and I’m a second year Psychology student. I got involved with the SRC at the start of the year being a Freshers’ Helper and loved it so much that I am now running for General Representative!

I give my all in all that I’m getting invested in; during Freshers’ Week, I got given the Helper of the Week award for my work. I would love to be able to keep on helping students by listening to any issues you might have and finding solutions for them. My plan is to hold regular surgeries to be able to hear what each of you has to say. I am also comfortable with public speaking, and will not hesitate to raise your questions in council.

Furthermore, as a General Representative, I will give my full support to current officers. I am already in contact with some of them from Freshers’ Week and this will allow me to easily assist them in their campaigns. I will also help with the greater spread of gender neutral toilets around campus and greater advertisement of clubs and societies.

Thank you for reading and VOTE THAIS RAMDANI #1 for General Representative!


Bram Reitsma

photoHey, my name is Bram, I’m a third year Economics and Statistics Student, and I’m running to become a General Representative on the SRC council!

I’ve been a Freshers’ Helper for the SRC for the past two years, and was a deputy team leader this year. Through this experience, I feel that I have gained a clear understanding of what the SRC does, and how it is incredibly beneficial to students. If elected, I will try to work closely with the other council members, and to try to support them in their various fields as best I can. I also hope to further engage with students, to ensure students are more aware of the work the SRC does and the services it has on offer for them.

More generally, I want to look into more informal ways to increase awareness of the SRC among the rest of the student body.

Furthermore, I hope to try and make it easier for students interested in the work the SRC does to have access to material which shows the SRC’s progress on various matters, for example, by visibly publicising the minutes from its meetings.

Thank you for reading!


James Richardson

485562_10201612064053421_2031622442_nHi, my name is James Richardson; I’m a second year Politics and E.S.H student and hopefully this year one of your General Reps!
The past year I’ve been a QMU Fresher’s Helper and organised the events for the Politics Society. Through these roles I’ve picked up quite a few skills I feel would make me a decent representative in putting across your concerns and demands for change from the University management. I’ve also noticed this year that as a student body we are becoming more demanding of our University and want faster change (the University finally committing to divesting in fossil fuels has been a great example of this). If you want something from our University and aren’t getting it, I want to be able to argue your case.

As your Rep I will push forward on these areas.

  • More accessible Student Reps. Properly advertising surgeries to voice concerns
  • Continue the push for recorded lectures, being ill and not being able to attend should not hinder your education.
  • Demand transparency on university finances. Do you know how much our Principle is being paid?

So I hope you’re on board, and please vote James Richardson on the 23rd October!


Oscar Schafer

OscarSchaferPictureOscar Schafer is a third year Computing Science/Economics student, who served as the School of Computing Science Representative on Council last year.

We’re “supposed” to mention our suitability for the position. So you’ve probably heard the buzzwords: Leadership. Help. Involved. Experience. You get what I mean, there’s a lot of repetition. I have nothing against them – they’re all good. They help you vote – which is something you should. But I’m gonna cut it short.

Why would I want to do this for another year? It’s simple – it’s fun. That’s me being sincere. If in addition to that I can then lend a hand, Making sure that our campus improves while it grows, well then, that’s grand. And yes, I’m not even inclined to lie, This will land on my CV, to that I can testify. However, if that was its sole purpose and my only intent, The coming year would result in both you and me being discontent.

So do me a favour, vote for someone who enjoys the role, And maybe next year, you won’t have to use MyCampus to enroll.*

*Now, on the other hand, that’s a lie. MyCampus can’t be phased out in 10 months, unfortunately.