General Representatives

Aoife Deery Hi, my name is Aoife and I’m a 4th year Public Policy student. I’m running for General Representative because I’m a reliable, practical and approachable person who can be trusted to put forward and communicate the views and issues of students. I have a quite a bit of experience with the SRC having […]

Aoife Deery

Hi, my name is Aoife and I’m a 4th year Public Policy student. I’m running for General Representative because I’m a reliable, practical and approachable person who can be trusted to put forward and communicate the views and issues of students. I have a quite a bit of experience with the SRC having been a freshers’ helper for the past two years, a class rep in second year and am currently involved in RAG organisation. I hope to work closely with the exec, school reps and conveners and support them in achieving the best results in any issue that arises.

I interpret the role of general rep as more of a support to the student body rather than a leader with their own agenda, so I feel it’s more important to be a medium for student issues and listen properly to them. In order to do this, I propose establishing a weekly general rep surgery where concerns can be voiced and brought forward to the SRC, making it more accessible.

Thanks for reading and I hope you take the time to vote on the 24th!

Maisie Peebles

My name is Maisie Peebles and I am a second year Law with Spanish Student. I am also a great tea and human rights lover!

I am committed to the SRC, and extremely enthusiastic about getting as involved as possible in the best student body. Through my involvement in uni life I believe I have gained valuable experience that would be perfect for a general representative. This year I represented the SRC in Fresher’s week and had a blast working hard and throwing myself into the many challenges it brought. As a Helper I did a variety of fun and different jobs – quite like the role of a general rep. I am also involved in the GUAmnesty International Committee, as Fundraiser I listen to all the members’ ideas for the charity and create unique and exciting events around their suggestions.

As a dedicated and passionate person I will do my utmost to listen to and represent the most important views on campus; those of the students. I won’t be afraid to take things on whilst of course having an incredible time!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my manifesto and please vote for an aMaising Rep!

Mhairi Harris

Hello, my name is Mhairi Harris and I am currently a second year Psychology student. I feel that I would make a great General Representative as I have been heavily involved in many different aspects of student life. I am currently a member of the Hockey Club and the Politics Society, so have had the opportunity to meet many different people and take part in numerous activities. Additionally, I have experience of being a Class Representative for English Language. I believe I have the skills and experience to make a great general representative and would be delighted to be given the opportunity of achieving my two main aims:

-Close the gap between the SRC and the student body: I feel that many students are not involved as they are not quite sure what the SRC does. To tackle this I would PR more after the initial weeks of University. Fresher’s week is hectic – too many flyers are given and people don’t have time to see everything so a PR campaign after this period would be more effective.

-Communicate more with the students and speak on behalf of them to the SRC.

So Please, VOTE MHAIRI HARRIS #1 General Representative !

Nicky McComb

Hello, I’m Nicky, a fourth year medic, taking a year away from medicine to study for an Intercalated Degree in Medical Humanities. A year away from placements means I’ve got some more free time, which I’d like to use productively, hence why I’m running to be your General Representative!

I was an SRC Freshers’ Helper in 2012; this let me learn a lot about the services and help which the SRC provides. I have been involved with the SRC Publicity Team over the past 2 years as well, as such I feel that I have a good awareness of the events which the SRC can offer and would love to get more involved in it.

It’s important that students remain informed about changes going on at the university, and have a voice. If elected, I would help contribute to the strong stance that the SRC has on this. I feel it’s important to represent students and their views fully. I believe I’m approachable, which in my opinion is very important for a representative role in a student body. I would aim to help further increase the SRC’s presence on campus and help to make changes to improve every student’s experience.

Owen Mooney

I’m Owen, I’m a second year economics student, and I would love to be one of your general reps. I sit on GUU debates committee, was a GUU freshers’ helper, and also helped to run the campus referendum on independence last year, so I am good at organising events, as well as being open and engaging. I will actively engage with students and respond to your needs, as well as using the SRC as a campaigning organisation to improve your experience at university.

If elected I will: – campaign to end the use of zero-hours contracts by the university. These contracts provide flexibility only for university management and deprive workers of a stable income and the ability to plan ahead financially. Our university should not be treating its staff like this, and I will campaign with trade unions and student societies to end the disgraceful use of these contracts.

  • engage proactively with student societies. Student societies are the best and most enjoyable parts of university, and the SRC should seek to actively help and promote them. I will contact societies to offer support and resources to help them to attract new members and publicise their events.

Paul Smith

Hi, I’m Paul Smith, third year Earth Science student. I hope you will consider me to be your next General Representative on the SRC council.

Last year I was deputy class representative. For the past 2 years I have been a fresher’s helper for the SRC and this year I was awarded ‘Best male SRC freshers helper of the week’. I really want to help out and get stuck in, like I did during freshers’ week. This time not just for freshers but for all students. One of the best ways I can achieve this is to get on the SRC council as a General Representative.
If elected, I would keep promoting the SRC and all it’s services. I will work closely with the other council members and sabbatical officers on solving issues and work on related projects, that will be beneficial to students. I’m the kind of person you can approach anytime you see me walking on campus to raise any university issues you might be experiencing. I will be your voice on the council.

Thank you for your consideration and good luck to everyone participating in the election.