First Year Representatives

Atanas Miroslavov Howdy! My name is Atanas, I come from Bulgaria and I’m (you guessed it!) a fresher at the University of Glasgow. I’m doing Computing Science (partly because computers are both a job and a hobby of mine). However, I also enjoy all kinds of sport. I’ve been a Class Representative since the beginning […]

Atanas Miroslavov

Howdy! My name is Atanas, I come from Bulgaria and I’m (you guessed it!) a fresher at the University of Glasgow. I’m doing Computing Science (partly because computers are both a job and a hobby of mine). However, I also enjoy all kinds of sport.

I’ve been a Class Representative since the beginning of high school and although I’m just 19 years old, I have already participated in quite a few charitable and social projects organised by my hometown’s district of the Rotary International club. This includes giving food to the indigent, organising cultural exhibitions, fun competitions and international meetings.

I have also won several web development contests – which taught me how important social links and competitions are. And I believe the University could offer more of that than it does right now.

I think first year students should be given more opportunities to put their skills to practice, as well as to meet other like-minded people. If elected, I will focus primarily on organising more events for freshers. They could be (but are not limited to) competitions, parties or meet-and-greets with other students.

I know that together, we could make the experience for freshers a bit fresher.

Daisy Mckay

I’m a first year studying politics, philosophy and ESH. I have great speaking and organisation skills. I am creative, approachable, friendly and determined!


  • I am new to Glasgow! But a few things I did at school were:
  • Led a group that promoted sustainability and multi-culturalism
  • I participated in student voice focus groups

My Views

  • University should be a fun experience
  • We should always have a good relationship with the university, and the community
  • We should maximise our learning
  • We should feel safe and comfortable
  • Costs should be low

Why I want to be elected

  • I think student voice is so important! I want to ensure that university is the best experience, in all aspects.
  • The SRC appeals to me because they are such an important safety net for students and the work that the SRC does to protect us from landlords and the recent water charges is such a valuable asset.

If elected

  • I will do my best to represent you
  • I want to continue to uphold this valuable service to students!
  • I would also like to work on getting university accommodation costs down, and think that all flats should have a cleaner.

Cameron Mackay

My name is Cameron Mackay; I’m from St Andrews, Fife and studying Geography in 1st year. Having recently started university, I would love to take this chance to draw on previous experience or organisation and teamwork to really get to know and work closely with students and staff in the university.

If elected I would take every opportunity to develop projects that would benefit other first years; drawing from my own ideas and also listening to what is needed. These could include developing a ‘MyGlasgow’ app or looking into ways to get all students as involved as possible with the university. I would also be really keen to organise and work with charity and fundraising events or schemes involving students all around the university with the aim of benefitting and involving the local Glasgow community and creating lots of fantastic opportunities for all university personnel in the process.

I’d be really happy interacting with students form every discipline across the university to resolve any issues that may arise and look into ways of preventing them in future. Although the position is focused on first year, I would do all that I could for the whole of the university in general.

Craig Fowler

Better services,
Better value for money,
Great representation,
Your voice heard loud and clear.

First year students,
Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
The University of Glasgow is a great University and one which I am proud to be a part of it is already a fantastic University to study and socialise especially for First years. But there is room for improvement which is what I am here to fight for.

A contract with First Year students.
If elected I pledge to:
Serve First year students with rigour charisma and represent them at all levels of the SRC possible.
To not in any ways use the position for personal gain or advantage of any kind whatsoever.
Listen to all complains of students and promote their interests not self-interests in the SRC
To promote a better campus bus service
To endeavour to improve the experience of all students living in halls
To try and cut down costs on items such as textbooks
To be accessible and hold regular surgeries and drop in sessions

I would love to add more detail to this manifesto but there is a 200 word limit on manifestos. A more detailed one will be available.

Jakub Csabay

Dear schoolmates, my name is Jakub Csabay. I´m a first year student studying Politics, CEES and French and Wolfson Hall resident.

I appreciate the work SRC does for us, especially services like the minibus, fresher’s week, second-hand bookshop or student media, as well as covering our free time by its patronage over clubs/societies. However, in many of these I still find space for improvement, which could make our lives easier, more comfortable and enjoyable.

Firstly, I would like to fix the gaps SRC minibus service has, which all of us have experienced.

Secondly, I would like to propose free bike-rent for students as SRC/GUSA project.
Thirdly, I would like to propose SRC Residence Representative positions as I believe these would have most direct contact with us and therefore would effectively cover welfare issues.

Last but not least, I´m ready to represent you in any issue of concern.
So, if you have any questions/ideas/concerns, please feel free to contact me at

The first step is always the most important one. For us, it´s our first year. Let´s make it easier, more comfortable and enjoyable. And if I fail to help you, you know who not to vote for next time.

Unamarie Darragh

Hey all! My name is Una Marie Darragh and I’m studying Theatre Studies, English Language and Lit.

Originally from Northern Ireland but for now living in Murano.
Having been a junior assistant with a Speech and Drama group, I have the ability to lead responsibly whilst taking on board other people’s opinions.

If elected I will do all I can to help make your entire First year just as amazing as Fresher’s week was!

If elected I would try and raise the problems occurring with the SRC busses, make printing more accessible, listen to any problems you may be having and do my best to represent the First Years!