Gender and Sexual Diversity Officer


Iona MacLeod Hughes

Hello! I’m Iona, a fourth year microbiology student who enjoys cooking, photography, swimming, dogs with instagrams, and I’m running for the position of Gender and Sexual Diversity Officer.

I have been an LGBTQ+ activist for several years, first with LGBT Youth Scotland and more recently as part of the GULGBTQ+ committee, first as Bi and Pan Officer and then as Welfare Officer. These positions gave me a wealth of experience in both representing people and project management.

Becoming your Gender and Sexual Diversity Officer would provide me with an amazing platform to effect change within our university. If elected, in addition to the duties expected of me, I would:

  • Push the University to introduce an optional “preferred name” for day to day use.
  • Create a resource pack for students experiencing crisis, particularly regarding issues disproportionately faced by LGBTQ+ individuals.
  • Create and publicise a “coming out at uni” guide to make resources visible and easily accessible.
  • Rebrand this position to make it more transparent.

Being a freshers helper with the SRC was one of the best experiences in my life, and I would be honoured to be elected into this amazing organisation. #ProudWithMacLeod #ChooseHughes

Leilo Albrecht

As Gender and Sexual Diversity Officer I want to spread awareness, thus acceptance for people of diverse sexualities, genders, sexes, and gender expressions.

I am Leilo and my pronouns are they/them. I am a fresher at university, but have experience as an active member of LGBTQ+ groups. In high school I initiated educational events, for example about intersexuality and trans diversity, as well as socials: rainbow-bracelet making, film screenings, a day trip to a LGBTQ+ film festival…

I will work closely with the GULGBTQ+, Sexpression Glasgow, and the other welfare officers. As a disabled queer person I deeply care about intersectionality.

Vote for me so that I can work on these projects!

  • -Greater awareness and acceptance of pronoun and name usage
  • -Simplify the process of transition within the university (e.g. name changes)
  • -Poetry reading and flag raising for Transgender Day of Remembrance (20 November)
  • -Film program for LGBT History Month (February)
  • -Advocate for higher expenses in and more accessibility of mental health care
  • -Campaigning for the right to use the bathroom without one’s presence being questioned
  • -Introducing more gender neutral toilets
  • -Improving the accessibility and visibility of gender neutral toilets

Yipei Wei

 Hello, this is Yipei Wei and I am a senior student with major of business and management, now I am willing to running for Gender & Sexuality diversity officer. I feel I have a distinct perspective on how the University perspective on how the University can continue to improve gender relations and sexual equality, my key aims are: I would improve students’ awareness of homosexuality and eliminate the stereotypes of existing students. I intend to hold science popularisation lectures (such as TED) and film screenings to promote the understanding of homosexuality.

Sanitary products should be available across campus with helping the students who need it in urgency. Print slogans or notices for how to get sanitary products in bathrooms is also necessary.

Set up gender-neutral bathrooms-maybe most students has clear gender, while we must consider students who can be the transgender.

More communication activity for different culture is possible to let more students know they have their own choice for their own life, and the decisive factor is not related to the gender. I would try my best to beat the gender discrimination and let more students do not suffer this kind of damage-We are different, we are equal.