Freshers’ Week Useful Info

What is Freshers’ Week and how can I get involved?

Freshers’ Bands

The week-long festival of events and entertainment is available only to students with Freshers’ Bands which cost just £45: that’s essentially a quarter of the price of most festivals which only last for two days, not five!

Remember, in order to attend ALL of the activities provided by the student bodies you must sign up for a Freshers’ Band.

To sign up for a band:
– Go to the University of Glasgow Freshers’ Week website and read the FAQ.
– Follow the link on the website to buy your band online.
– Print out the confirmation email we send you when you purchase is confirmed and bring it with you in September.


Freshers’ Fair

The biggest and best introduction to all the student bodies, Clubs and Societies, University services and businesses you’ll be using for the next four years, the Freshers’ Fair runs for two days during Freshers’ Week.

The Freshers’ Fair will be full of interesting people and organisations that will make your time at University that bit more exciting. You’ll pick up some great tips and information, not to mention a variety of freebies. For more information, keep an eye on the University of Glasgow Freshers’ Week website.

Freshers’ helpers

As current students of the University who have been hand-picked for their enthusiasm and friendliness, Freshers’ Helpers are recruited for one purpose: to enable you to have the best time possible during Freshers’ Week. They’ll be able to answer any questions you may have about the city and the University, help you to move into your halls of residence, and generally be a friendly face when you need it. Helpers representing every student body will be wearing coloured t-shirts to help you identify them on campus throughout the week and this year SRC Helpers will be wearing a fetching purple.

Night buses

To ease your travel home after nights out at the Unions during Freshers’ Week there will be a night bus service, stewarded by the friendly Freshers’ Helpers, running from the Main Gate from 2300 until close – an easy and safe way to get home during your first week on campus.

Advertising Opportunities

Companies interested in advertising during freshers’ week should contact

More Information

For details concerning the Freshers’ Band and related activities please contact the SRC on +0 (44) 141 330 5360 or