Freshers’ Week 2020 – Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct explains some of the rules which GUSRC expects event attendees at Freshers’ Week 2020 to abide by.

Please first watch the Student Induction video before coming to any event on campus. It explains our expectations by way of the safety regulations ourselves and the University of Glasgow have in place.

On-campus / Physical Events


Where directed to do so, or where 2m physical-distancing is not possible, please wear a protective face covering. If you cannot wear a face covering for a valid reason please make GUSRC aware by talking to one of our SRC Freshers’ Helpers, or in advance by emailing


If you or anyone in your household has any COVID-19 symptoms, please stay at home and do not come onto campus. If you experience symptoms during an event, please leave immediately. Your household is anyone you live with.


There will be hand sanitiser stations available throughout all events. Please maintain an excellent hand washing regime and use hand sanitiser when hand washing is not possible.



Please stick to your allocated time slots as per the instructions of your tickets for events. If you are more than 10 minutes early or late for an event, we will not be able to admit you.

Similarly, if you show up without your ticket, we will not be able to admit you. Please be prepared to show your ticket to helpers or security to prove you are in the right place.



There will be access to toilets for each event you attend, but please be aware some toilet access may be limited (particularly at the Freshers’ Festival). We would recommend going to the toilet off campus before attending a physical event.

Similarly, refreshment options in events will be limited. Please do not bring any food to events. Water and cold drinks are permitted. No food or water will be provided at events. The University catering outlets across campus will be open for takeaway food and drinks.



You will able to pick up promotional items (flyers etc.) but we ask that instead of taking them from students stall-holders, that you pick them up from their table instead. You should ensure you sanitise your hands thoroughly before and after handling any promotional materials. Sanitisation stations will be available throughout the event, and your goody bag should contain sanitiser also.

You will be issued a goody bag on your way into the Festival to help with the collection of promotional materials.


Online / Virtual Events


Please do not engage in the use of offensive language, discuss matters of a sensitive sexual nature, nor discuss the abuse of alcohol or drugs. Please also act with respect for others and follow the general Code of Conduct of the University of Glasgow (found here). If you think someone is behaving inappropriately during a GUSRC online event, please make a member of staff or one of our Freshers’ Helpers aware.You can also email with any issues, who will be able to escalate them if needed.



For your safety, please do not exchange personal phone numbers, personal email addresses or local addresses with any students during an online event. Exchanging social media accounts is the recommended way to make new contacts when at an online event.

If during any event you feel uncomfortable and want to be moved into a different breakout room, or just want to leave, let our Freshers’ Helpers or staff know by messaging them on the Zoom call and we’ll be able to help.

GUSRC are a third-party reporting centre for harassment and bullying – see information about reporting on their website:


Failure to comply with the items listed above may result in your expulsion from our Freshers’ Week events, and other events should we choose. Please respect staff and your fellow students, and let’s make this Fresher’s Week one to remember for the right reasons.