VCS Awards 2015

The winners of the Volunteering, Clubs and Societies Awards 2014/15 are…

Volunteering, Clubs and Societies Awards this year were extremely popular — we received over 200 nominations for 10 different award categories. At the event ceremony, we celebrated the achievements of clubs and societies and volunteers on campus with performances from the Kelvin Ensemble, Contemporary Musicians United, KSoc and the GU Pole Dancing Club.

Innovation Award

This year the winners of the Innovation Award were Contemporary Musicians United.

The society formed only this year, however, they were described as ‘the first society on campus to strive for an open creative environment for musicians, composers, producers, and encouraging the development of music of all kinds’. The innovation of the society itself and its activities is reflected by providing solutions to the problems of modern engineering, encouraging students to learn skills outside their degree with the freedom to implement solutions never seen before. Their successful gigs and social activities show that there definitely was a need for that.

Publicity Award

This year the winners of the Publicity Award were Amnesty International.

Amnesty International has a very open and inclusive approach to their publicity. Not only they have their website, Facebook and Twitter, this year GU Amnesty International also opened an Instagram account in order to enable people to see how their meetings are being run. The society is very active on campus too, whether it would be bake sales, pub quizzes, or mini gigs to publicise their big events. When it comes to big events, their Jamnesty and Secret Policemen’s Ball, the society held poster design competitions, which was a brilliant way to involve more people. In addition, society organised the Amnesty International Student Conference, with participants coming from Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Strathclyde.

Best New Club Award

This year the honorary mention went to S.W.A.G.

Successful Women at Glasgow, or S.W.A.G., definitely deserved an honorary mention for all the work they did this year. The society has been on the spotlight with their events, with the big range of inspirational speakers, from lesser known scientists to high profile politicians. The society established themselves at the time where there is demand from the university community to hear about the successes, challenges and drive of women of a variety of different ages and backgrounds.

This year the winners of the Best New Club Award were oSTEM

oSTEM society aims to promote LGBT issues in STEM subjects, as well as providing space for LGBT students in STEM subjects to meet each other. The society works in partnership with LGBTQ+ society, which enabled this new society to gather enough membership to facilitate both educational and social events. We recognise the work the society does to raise awareness of the issues surrounding LGBTQ+ students in science disciplines.

Exceptional Event Award

This year the winners of the Exceptional Event Award were Charity Fashion Show.

It took a year of hard work to put an event together which has never been done before at Glasgow. Charity Fashion Show included local designers, photographers and make-up artists too. Most of the things, from choreography to running the whole event, was done by the society members. 600 people attending the night proved that the hard work pays off!

Working in Partnership Award

This year the winners of the Working in Partnership Award were Coalition for Syrian Refugees

The coalition includes GU Amnesty International, Red Cross, GRASS, the Catholic Association, Oxfam and UNICEF. Working together, these societies put together a week of great events, and their activities ranged from demos to ceilidhs and pub quizzes. It’s a great way to see many societies working together and continuing traditions from last year, making the event bigger every year.

Students and the Community Award

The winners of the Students and the Community Award were Philanthrobeats.

Philanthrobeats is a Glasgow based grassroots music and arts charity. They place community involvement and increasing social capital at the heart of their organisation. The examples of the events that they did include the winter clothes collection for homeless people, also a project running free music courses for children of refugees. In addition, a recent spoken word event tackled the stigma of mental health issues was done in collaboration with various mental health and spoken word charities from throughout Glasgow. Their publicity and involvement is something to be jealous of as well — from various events to a show on Subcity Radio, which helps to promote their activities and ideas.

Raising and Giving Award

This year the winners of the Raising and Giving Award were Muslim Students Association.

Muslim Students Association gets the award this year. The society does a lot, from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts sale to star gazing events. They benefit from such events by increasing publicity of their society as well as collaborating with other societies. The doughnut sale alone raised £4000 for Macmillan Cancer Trust and Yorkhill’s Children’s Hospital!

Volunteer of the year Award

Honorary mention went to Josh Atkins.

Josh Atkins is a part of Glasgow Guardian, QMU tech team, and he also has worked with the Cecilians for their performance of Titanic, among all the all the other things that he does. Josh has been given endless amounts of responsibility, and he handles it well. Clubs and organisations Josh is involved in are thankful for his contribution.

The winner of the Volunteer of the Year award goes to Maggi Laurie.

She was described as one of the most dedicated and caring volunteers, who puts in all of her energy into ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Being a coordinator of the Nightline requires hours of work, and she goes above and beyond to bring the project to all of its glory. Her and volunteers’ efforts area clearly visible — this year GU Nightline has been nominated as the Most Improved Nightline, and Maggi herself was nominated as Volunteer of the Year at the National Nightline Association.

Most Dedicated Member Award

The winner of the Most Dedicated Member Award was Agota Vass.

Agota Vass is the President of the International Society. The International Society was founded in late autumn by the effort of Agota — she wanted to give international students the best experience and support that a society can provide. So far the society has seen a number of great events, starting with the International Launch Ceilidh during Refreshers’ Week to weekly pub nights. Agota has done a lot in finding sponsorship and co-operation opportunities with other societies. The dedication that she shows is something to be envious of!

 Pride of Volunteering Award

Pride of Volunteering Award Winner is Maxim Yan Muk.

Maxim is involved in Glasgow University Service for Homeless, and his contribution is seen all the time. Maxim is always around and is always keen to help out and show initiative.