Award Categories

Want to find out what category to nominate your club or society for? All the VCS Awards categories are below!

1. Innovation Award:

Has your club or society come up with a new and exciting event? Or found an inventive way to publicise or fundraise for your society? Is your club or society an innovation in itself? We want to hear about what innovative ideas your club or society has had. We want to celebrate what makes your club or society unique and reward all creativity and fresh ideas.

2. New Club/Society Award:

Is your club or society new this year? We want to hear how your first year has gone: what kind of activities and events you have put on, how you have successfully engaged new members, and any other ways in which your first year as a society has been a success.

3. Exceptional Event:

There is a lot of scope for variety with this award and we look forward to hearing what events have been taking place over this year. Maybe your club/society has hosted a ground-breaking talk, maybe your club/society has hosted a national event, maybe your club/society has put on a show-stopping performance. The options are endless and this category recognises and celebrates the momentous amount of work that goes in to making these events a tremendous success.

4. Campaign Award:

Presented to a club/society or individual who have demonstrated the ability to campaign for change around a certain issue or cause throughout the year. This award will review the efforts of the campaign regarding promotion and engagement, and further the ability to achieve any change that was set out within the campaign.

5. Fundraising Award:

Generally awarded to a club or society who have led a successful fundraiser or who have participated in raising and giving activities over the year, but individuals are also eligible for nomination. Whether you have participated in individual fundraising challenges, hosted a charity Ceilidh or shindig, we want to hear about every good cause that you have been raising money for or every good deed you have been doing.

6. Pride of Volunteering:

There are projects where volunteers will spend most of their time without the backup of a regular network – this can be a challenge in itself, but the achievement can also sometimes be eclipsed by established groups. This award is intended to recognise the solo volunteers who spend their time participating on individual projects, or have taken it upon themselves to go that extra mile. You will have had to take the initiative to travel and make contact with various organisations, schools or groups across the city to take part in your project. We want to know what you have gained from the experience. How have you developed and grown as an individual? Did you make new friends in environments you wouldn’t normally expect? What skills have you developed? Have you grown in confidence? What were your motivations and how will it affect you in the future? This award can be self-nominated – we want you to demonstrate not only that you had an impact on your project, but that you are proud of yourself for rising to the challenge.

7. Publicity Award:

Publicity is a key part of a club or societies success, whether it involves advertising events, or drawing new members to your society or running a campaign. We are interested to see examples of great publicity including beautiful posters, eye catching flyers and well-built websites. Please feel free to submit examples with your nomination. We want to reward the hard work and creativity that goes into successful publicity.

8. Students and the Community Award:

Has your Club/Society had a big impact on the local community? Do you work with local residents in developing projects or events? Perhaps your focus has been on communities further afield? The potential for having an impact on communities is hugely varied, so explain how your students have developed positive relationships with communities and what results have been seen from this!

9. Most Dedicated Member Award:

Perhaps your president is a visionary, who tirelessly works for the good of your club/society, establishing networks and links during every waking moment. Perhaps an ordinary member of your club/society has shown themselves to be particularly dedicated to your cause. Perhaps somebody you know is volunteering for a project and never expects to have their contributions recognised. Whatever your reason for nominating somebody in this category, the ‘Most Dedicated Member Award’ recognises and celebrates the impact that individuals can have on clubs/societies and volunteering projects.

10. Volunteer of the Year Award:

Presented to a volunteer who has made a significant impact on a volunteering project. The criteria for this award can be very broad, so be sure that you give as full an explanation for your nomination as possible. Perhaps somebody in your project stands out as an example to your other members or has been particularly helpful to you personally – whatever your motivations, the panel expect a diverse group of entries for the Volunteer of the Year Award.