Successful Women At Glasgow

A society for the promotion of women in the working world

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PURPOSES (OR AIMS): [email protected] is a society which aims to create a platform to showcase the personal and professional success of women. By hosting a talk by a different woman speaker each month, [email protected] aims to inspire students (female and male alike!!) while recognising the achievements and merit of women in all fields.

ACTIVITIES: Successful Women At Glasgow will take the form of a series of talks. These talks will take place twice a month over the scholastic year. The speakers will be influential women of different vocations, from scientists to artists to entrepreneurs, with the intention of appealing to a variety of students from all subject areas. We intend to have a strong dialogue with other societies, alerting them when a speaker relevant to their interests comes to Glasgow. Over the year, the society will actively contribute to various philanthropic endeavours, particularly charities benefitting the women and children of Glasgow.

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