International Society

The Glasgow University International Society (GUISOC) aims to create a fun and friendly social platform for international students.

Studying abroad can be a wonderful and insightful experience but moving into a new city with no familiar faces is not always easy. Our goal is to make it easier.

With the help of our society, international students will be able to explore the exciting city of Glasgow together. Our weekly gatherings will be held at a fixed location where free food is supplied, but rest assured there will be plenty of opportunities to see other venues as well through pub crawls and other exciting events. 

If you’re looking for friends in a new and unfamiliar city, or if you want an opportunity to hang out with other international students with similar experiences and language barriers, remember that the Glasgow University International Society is just around the corner. Like our page to find out all about our events and don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions. We look forward to many amazing evenings with other international students!

Instagram: guinternationalsoc