DanceMania is a relaxed, sociable and fun dance society based at the University of Glasgow. We offer a wide variety of dance classes from Hiphop to Dancehall to Ballet to Tap.

Do you go to University of Glasgow? Do you like to dance? Do you like to feel respected and comfortable when you dance? Then GUDM is the society for you! We’re a cheap, inclusive dance society in the University and we love gaining new members. We have a huge variety of dance styles on offer; from musical theatre to Bollywood, commercial to ballet, we have a huge choice.

Our dance season runs September to March. Our classes run in hour slots, and each class is once a week. Each day we have around 4 different styles meaning you can stay later or earlier for other classes! You don’t have to be a member to dance but if you do membership costs £5 for the Whole Year (and no gym membership required)!

We try to connect our members outside of their individual classes and have regular socials; varying from sub crawls to game nights, there’s something for everyone. We also run two shows throughout the year, with our final one in March being our big headliner; there’s even options to choreograph and try new styles if you’re feeling bold.

If you’re thinking about joining our society, please know we accept everyone and anyone of any dance level; you’re welcome here!