Anatomy Society

The Anatomy Society is interested in all things anatomical and it never takes itself too seriously!

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The Anatomy Society is a place for people who know they want to be an anatomist, think they might want to be an anatomist and for people who really aren’t sure. It’s a great way to integrate into the department, but also to get a taste of Anatomy to help you decide if it’s for you.

There will be plenty of social events where you can get to know other members, both through the day and nights out. We are also considering the option of an anatomy related field trip so you can get away from uni for the day and call it studying! There will be guest lectures followed by (free!) drinks receptions in the museum to inspire you with the variety of things you can do with an anatomy degree. This means you can speak to the experts on casual terms to get a feel for their research and possibly sort out work experience.

There is also the opportunity to buy a customised Anatomy Society Hoody!

Membership is £5 for both semesters and you will be invited to join the official Anatomy Society page, with all Anatomy alumni as well as the Ask an Anatomist page, where it’s students only, so you can ask all your questions about the course and chat to other members!