Freshers Fair and Freshers Week events

It’s the biggest week of the year! Come and find out how your society can get involved in Freshers’ Week here at Glasgow.

Freshers’ Fair

Societies are eligible to apply for space at the Fair which takes place on the 17th and 18th September 2019, and applications will be judged against certain criteria. As the SRC has only limited resources, it may be the case that not all societies will be granted space. This email will be sent to your clubs’ email address that you provided us with when you affiliated.

Factors influencing decisions on stall applications include:

  • An up-to-date SRC affiliation at the time the application is made
  • The application being made by a current student of the university who is an office bearer of the society, and remaining so between date of application and the Fair itself
  • The society’s access to other external financial and material resources
  • The society agreeing not to use its space for a third party or unauthorised organisation (and not, for example, sharing a stall with sponsors or another society which is unaffiliated or has been denied space)
  • The society agreeing not to use recruited, non-student members to run their stall at the fair (for example on behalf of a regional or national level charity or other organisation)

Applications that the SRC believe are primarily motivated by the advancement of a third-party organisation, charitable or otherwise, may be denied space at the fair.

Applications received after the deadline or from unaffiliated societies will not be considered.

Please note, club stall locations are randomly allocated.

Events during Freshers’ Week


As part of Fresher’s week, the SRC assists clubs and societies in arranging events to help attract new members and help students discover new activities and hobbies available to them around campus. If you have an idea for an event and are an affiliated society please email with details.

Depending on the nature of your event you may have to complete risk assessments and comply with the University regulations that govern events on campus.