Private Accommodation Viewing Service (PAVS)

Are you looking for private rented accommodation for the next academic year? Are you unable to view the accommodation yourself?

The SRC has a team of fully trained student volunteers who can view private rented flats on your behalf if you are a student at Glasgow (or are about to become one) and don’t currently live here. This service is primarily available for international students but we will consider requests from home students whose circumstances prevent them from viewing properties themselves, depending on levels of demand for the service.

Our volunteers can view a maximum of 2 flats at a time for each student. Due to the limited number of volunteers we have, repeat requests from individual students will be given the lowest priority.

It’s worth paying attention to when a property has been advertised, for example if a property was listed more than 2 months ago it’s possible that it has already been taken as private rented accommodation in Glasgow is often taken very quickly.

 Once you have submitted the request to us we aim to arrange to have the property viewed, and our PAVS Viewing Checklist and photographs of the property, returned to you within 5 working days.

Things to consider before making a request

  1. The majority of letting agents, and some landlords, will require that international students have a UK-based guarantor. If you are unable to provide a UK-based guarantor it is likely that you will be asked to pay several months’ rent in advance, in some cases students in this situation can be asked to pay as much as 6 months’ rent in advance. Please bear this in mind when searching for a suitable property.
  2. When searching for a flat on websites such as gumtree you should always check when the advert was first posted. The rental property market in Glasgow can move very quickly at times and even adverts that were posted 4-6 weeks ago may be advertising a property that is no longer available.
  3. If you’ve found a flat you are interested in renting you should always check how far this in terms of travelling time to the University. An easy way to do this is to insert the University’s Postcode, G12 8QQ into Google Maps then hit the “directions” button and insert the postcode of the property you are looking to rent. This will then give you an estimated distance and travelling time between the two.

How to request the service

PAVS closed on the 31st August 2017 for the year.