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Rectorial Elections 2017 voting open!

Voting for the Rectorial Election is now open between 9am Monday 20th March and 4pm Tuesday 21st of March at glasgow.ac.uk/vote. All current students are eligible to vote in the Rectorial election. It’s a single transferable vote (STV), so students rank any and all candidates for whom they wish to vote in order of preference. Manifestos for all candidates can be found at Rector Manifestos 2017, more information on the elections can be found on our Rector Elections page and we also have a Rector Elections 2017 FAQs

International Women’s Week: Lady Hazel Cosgrove

To round up these blogs on International Women’s Week, the QMU would like to tell you more about one of our most distinguished Life Members – the Right Honourable Lady Hazel Cosgrove CBE. Lady Cosgrove is a semi-retired judge (semi-retired because from time to time she still sits in court when there is a shortage of available judges). She was the first woman ever appointed as a Senator of the College of Justice in Scotland in 1996. She served as a judge in the Court of Session – Scotland’s highest civil court – until 2006 after being appointed as a permanent judge in 2003. As well as being an esteemed judge, Lady Cosgrove was the Chair of the Mental Welfare Commission between 1991 and 1996, and Chair of the Expert Panel on Sex Offending from 1997 to 2001. Throughout her professional career, she has championed values that are central to the ethos of both the QMU and the University of Glasgow, such as championing women’s equality and working to improve mental health provision in Scotland. When she became the first woman to be appointed to the Sheriff Court Bench in Glasgow, she said "It is a tremendous challenge and I hope that it will be a great source of encouragement to women throughout the [legal] profession."

International Women’s Week: Bethany Garry

Bethany Garry is a fourth year History and Theology student. She started debating in her first year of university, and after lots of arguing with the men running training, quickly climbed the ranks of GUU debating. Bethany has been incredibly successful at competitive debating, recently reaching the World University Debating Championships Semi-Finals in the Netherlands. She represents debating competitions throughout the UK, often setting motions that challenge university students to think more deeply about feminism.

Class Representative Conference

The Class Representative Conference will focus this year on how the University is changing and how you and your fellow students can feed into these changes. We'll be specifically looking at the move to online learning, the campus development and how you can help to get the best out of your degree!

International Women’s Week: Anne Blyth

To celebrate International Women’s Week, GUSA would like to focus on our first female president who was elected in 1974 back when GUSA was known as GUAC (Glasgow University Athletics Club). After nearly 100 years of GUAC’s existence, Anne Blyth was elected president after her third year of medicine. At a time where both the unions were still single sex, she had to sneak into the beer bar dressed as a man just to hear herself elected. Anne is also the only GUAC/GUSA president to have never sat on the GUU board, as her male Vice President had to take this role for her.

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