HEAR: Higher Education Achievement Record

From 2011/12 the university will recognise many extra-curricular activities on the university transcript which you receive upon graduation.

Known as the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), this new version of the university transcript will not only list all your academic achievements, but also many other achievements as well. So if you have been a council member or board member or Freshers’ Helper of one of the four student bodies; a class rep; a President, secretary or treasurer of a club or society; a volunteer with Nightline or support to the homeless; you have the chance to have your efforts recognised alongside your grades on the documents you receive at graduation.

GUSRC have been involved with the development of the HEAR and welcome the new measures in showing the value placed on extracurricular activity by the University. It can also serve as an indication for potential employers to the kinds of activity you have undertaken alongside your studies during your years as a University of Glasgow student.

Certain activities taken from the 2011/12 academic year onwards will be included on the HEAR, and students graduating this summer will be the first to be eligible to receive the new form of the university transcript. Whilst activities included on the HEAR are limited, there is potential for the list of recognised activities to grow in forthcoming years.

If you would like any more information on the HEAR; the eligible activities which can be included; and how to apply contact the University of Glasgow Senate Office.